Bail Bonds for DUIs/DWIs

If you have been arrested in South Texas, we at South Texas Bail Bonds have the knowledge and experience necessary to get you out of jail fast. While our bail bonds agents can skillfully handle a wide range of particular types of bail bonds, we possess exceptional expertise in DUI (driving under the influence) and DWI (driving while intoxicated) cases. We can get you or your loved one arrested in Weslaco, Edinburg, or Hidalgo County out of jail as quickly as possible and thus put you in a position to adequately prepare for the legal battle ahead.

How Do DUIs and DWIs Differ?

While something referred to as DUI and DWI exists in every state, each state has their own particular legal definition of these terms.

In Texas, "intoxication" includes alcohol, illegal drugs, and even legal drugs. Thus, anyone operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of an intoxicating substance can be charged with a DWI. If you were or appeared to be impaired by the use of drugs or alcohol while driving, an arrest and DWI allegation is likely. However, a blood alcohol level of .08 or greater is required for conviction in the case of an alcohol-related DWI.

In Texas, a DUI is a Class-C misdemeanor charge that is applicable to drivers under the age of 21. A DUI can be charged when any amount of alcohol (even below .08) is detected.

What Is Texas Law on Blood-Alcohol Level Testing?

The state of Texas considers that all who receive a Texas driver's license give "implied consent" to allow blood-alcohol level testing should they be suspected of drunk driving. These tests are not strictly limited to blood samples but can also be performed breath and urine samples as well. You can legally be tested for the presence of both drugs and alcohol in your system.

Should you refuse to submit to such testing, you will lose your driver's license and be issued a temporary license in its place. Since you are innocent until proven guilty, you are allowed to use this temporary license up until your court hearing. The court will likely officially suspend your license at the hearing itself.

If you failed or refused a blood-alcohol or breathalyzer test after being arrested on a DWI, you could see your license suspended anywhere from 90 days to two full years. The severity of the punishment will correspond to the seriousness of the incident and to the number of alcohol-related problems you have had in the past.

The Importance of a DWI/DUI Bail Bond

If you have been arrested on DWI or DUI in Weslaco or surrounding areas, you will be kept in jail up until your court hearing unless you are bailed out. Once out of jail, your ability to hire a top-tier defense attorney who specializes in DWI and DUI cases will be greatly enhanced. Contact us at South Texas Bail Bonds anytime, any day to get yourself of your loved out of jail fast. You can contact us online or by calling us at 956-377-5381.