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956-377-5381 (24 Hour Bail Bond Service)

Cordova Bail Bonds & South Texas Bail Bonds offers services in all 19 cities in Hidalgo County.  Hidalgo County was created in 1852 and the population in 2010 was measured at 774,769.  With outsiders coming in from Mexico and areas north of Hidalgo County the need for fast reliable service is very important.

We are also located in Hidalgo County and we believe in going the extra mile to provide professional and courteous service to all the people living or passing through Hidalgo County. Cordova Bail Bonds & South Texas Bail Bonds continue to offer confidential service to all 19 cities in Hidalgo County.

An arrest can be an unexpected obstacle that you or a loved one has to face. Not many people are financially prepared to cover the cost of bail if a friend or family member is arrested. At South Texas Bail Bonds in Hidalgo, our agents are available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. When you need us, we will be there to help you get over the obstacles that have been put in your path. Nights, weekends, holidays, any day, our agents can get the job done. Call our office at 956-377-5381 to get the process started.

Why You Need A Reputable Bail Bondsman

Don't take chances with your future. You need to hire a reputable bail bonds agency who has the skills and knowledge to navigate through the entire bail bonds process. Our reputation is well known throughout the state. We have worked hard to establish a good working relationship with both law enforcement agencies as well as the court system. When a jail knows we are on the way, they will go the extra mile to help us do our job as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Some bail bonds agents include hidden fees and costs deep in the midst of their services. At South Texas Bail Bonds, we tell you upfront where every dime of your fee goes. It's important that you understand the bail bonds process and what your financial obligations are, especially when it comes to the fees and court costs. The 10% fee is mandated by the court. It is not refundable, nor can we negotiate a deal in any way. What we can do is make sure you know exactly what the process entails and where your money will be going.

How Bail Bonds Work

After an arrest, bail will be set either through an arraignment hearing or a pre-determined bail bonds schedule that eliminates the need for you to appear before a judge. Once you call our office, we will take the information we need, complete the application and secure the 10% fee for filing the bond. We will discuss all of the costs as well as your rights and responsibilities as a co-signer. As soon as all of the paperwork is finished and the financial aspect of the case has been taken care of, the bail bonds agent will head to the jail to obtain the release of your loved one. When your loved one is with our agent, he or she will be informed of their rights and responsibilities while they are out on bond.

Professional, Compassionate Service

Our agents offer professional, compassionate service to everyone we work with whether they are a co-signer or defendant. We understand the stress and frustration each person involved in the case feels as they face the obstacles in front of them. Our goal is to walk with you through the entire process. We will be with you during the application process all the way through until your bail is exonerated and your case is closed.

Your right to post bail and obtain early release from jail allows you several advantages. You are able to return to work, care for your family and help your attorney prepare your case. During the time you are out on bond, you cannot be arrested or charged with any new criminal activity or leave the court's jurisdiction. If you have been released on bond, you must report to your bail bonds agent on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. You must also attend all of your court hearings, as well as any classes or meetings that are required as part of your release agreement. If you fail to appear, the judge may issue a warrant for your arrest, at which time your bond will be revoked and you will be listed as a fugitive.

Call Us Today!

If you live in the Hidalgo, Texas area and yourself in jail for any reason, contact our agents at 956-377-5381. At South Texas Bail Bonds, we can do what needs to be done to get you or your loved one out of jail and back home where they belong. Our agents can work throughout the entire state and are able to provide the bond you need to get out of jail and back on track. Call our agents today for immediate bail bonds service.  

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