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When you learn of an arrest, there's no time to waste. You need to have a bail bonds agent on your side who can start the bond application process immediately. If you live in or near the Mission, Texas area, the agents at South Texas Bail Bonds should be your first choice. Call 956-377-5381 to talk to an agent any time of the day or night. They are even available overnight, weekends and holidays. Arrests rarely occur when it's convenient. This is part of the reason the agents of South Texas Bail Bonds make themselves available when you need them.

What's Involved in the Bail Bonds Process?

The bail bonds process begins with filling out the application for the bond. After a person has been arrested and charged, they are issued a bond amount which must be paid in order for them to obtain early release from jail. In most cases, it is a surety bond which requires the services of a licensed bail bonds agent. Once bail has been determined, the application can be filled out and the bond secured. The bond will require a premium totaling 10% of the entire bond amount. The fee can be paid in a variety of ways, including cash, check credit/debit card or a money order. Property can even be used if it holds enough true value. This fee isn't negotiable and it will not be returned once the case is finalized. It is important to remember that once you become a co-signer, you're responsible for the entire bond amount.

What Does a Bail Bond Agent Do?

A bail bonds agent has many responsibilities. Filling out the bail bond application and posting bonds are only the beginning. Once a person has been released on bond, it's the bail bonds agent's responsibility to make sure they comply with the orders put forth by the court. This includes attending all court dates that are scheduled for their case, remaining in compliance with any court orders such as Personal Protection Orders, and making sure they always have the correct contact and personal information.

A defendant is required to “check-in” or contact the bail bonds agent every day or week, depending on what is agreed upon. Any changes in personal information, such as change of address, employment or phone number must be reported to both the bail bond agent and the court. This makes it easy for the defendant to be reached if something changes with their case. The bail bonds agent will continue to work with the defendant the entire time they are out on bond to ensure everything goes smoothly.

Professional Bail Bonds Service at its Best

When the need for a bail bonds agent arises, you don't want just anyone to come to your rescue. You want one that has years of experience and has the knowledge you need to address your concerns and answer all of your questions. You want to make sure they are both licensed and bonded and capable of working anywhere you need them to go. At South Texas Bail Bonds, our agents are highly trained and ready to go the extra mile to relieve your frustrations and bring your loved one home.

If for any reason, your loved one doesn't appear in court, the bail bonds agent will uncover the reason why and take appropriate action. If the court date was missed by mistake, the bail bonds agent will work with the defendant to make things right and get a new date set. If the defendant tried to flee the jurisdiction of the court, the bail bonds agent will find them and return them to the custody of the jail. Their bond will be revoked and they will be required to remain in jail until their scheduled court date.

South Texas Bail Bonds offers fast, professional and guaranteed service. While it's their sincere hope that you will never need them, they make themselves available any time that you do. 24 hours a day and 365 days a year, their goal is to make sure you always have immediate access to an agent at all times. Each agent has years of experience and has dealt with almost every type of situation imaginable. With that in mind, there's nothing you can bring to them that they can't find a way to deal with. If you live in Mission, TX and need the services of a professional, highly qualified bail bonds agent, all you have to do is call their office at 956-377-5381. An agent will pick up the phone and get to work answering your questions and completing the necessary paperwork. Call South Texas Bail Bonds for immediate service. They are always open and ready to go to work!


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