How Does the Court Set the Bail Amount?

The Importance of a Bail Bond Agent

A bail bond varies in amount due to the charge the person was arrested on as well as other circumstances. There are standard practices in place, however, that determine how much bail can be charged per offense. For some cases, with special circumstances, it is up to the judge's discretion as to what the bail amount should be. They may raise or lower the bail amount as long as the main guidelines are kept. The main influence on whether or not bail is raised is the severity of the crime. Another would be whether or not the defendant is a flight risk.

Factors that work in favor of a lower bail include lengthy employment record, ties to the community, past criminal history, family responsibilities and health concerns.

Once the amount of bail has been released, the defendant choose can one of two ways to go. They can hire a bail bond agent to post bail for them or they can pay the entire amount of the bond on their own. Neither option requires the services of an attorney and anyone can actually pay the bail to the court. It can be a friend, neighbor, family member or even a stranger.

A judge may also choose to deny bail. If the defendant is considered a high flight risk or may exhibit signs of not wanting to abide by the court's stipulations concerning their freedom, the judge has every right to deny bail. Defendants who have skipped bail in the past are less likely to be considered for a bail bond in the future.

A bail schedule can be used to set the amount of bail for a common charge, such as battery or a minor drug related charge. Bail schedules are a list of bail amounts for specific crimes. Judges within a county or state put together the schedule so that individuals can bond out without having to go through an arraignment hearing. When the charge is one that is listed on the bail schedule, the defendant can post the bond immediately after their arrest and reduce the amount of time in custody dramatically. In some cases, they may be released an hour or two after their arrest.

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