Legal Obligations Must Be Taken Seriously

Why Is It So Important to Honor the Promise You Make to the Court and Your Bail Bonds Agency

Legal obligations are extremely important. If a person fails to make their scheduled court appearances, the repercussions can be quite costly. If you fail to honor your commitment to your bail bond agency and the court, you can be in serious legal trouble. 

Once you flee the court's jurisdiction or just fail to appear, your bail bond agency becomes responsible for the entire amount of the bond. This affects not only the bail bond agency but also the person who co-signed for your bond. As soon as the court realizes you have failed to appear, an arrest warrant will be issued and a bounty hunter will be sent to find you and return you to jail.

No matter what type of charges you have, running from your obligations will cause you more trouble than you have bargained for. After an arrest warrant has been issued, the police have every legal right to search your place of employment, home and car. They have the right to do anything that will enable them to return you into custody.

Skip tracers who work for the bail bonds agency will begin contacting your friends, family and places of interest to find out where you are. They will also call your place of employment. If they think people are lying for you, they will put them under surveillance to find out if you show up. This can very embarrassing for all involved.

If you comply with all of the requirements of the court, the process will be difficult but it will not get any worse. The seriousness of your charges, however, will not diminish. If you fail to appear, more charges will be added that could end up causing the judge to assign you more time. If you are diligent and serious about doing the right thing, there is no good reason for missing a court date and breaking your bail bond contract.

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